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We primarily offering netting for safety purposes. Nowadays we could see capital cities growing aggressively by real estate boom. As this result people got adjusted to stay at tall towers like apartments. Since everyone likes to keep their premises clean, but birds like pigeons will spoil the atmosphere. This is where we came to know into picture, and we started to working for prevention of birds. Our main goal is to provide cost effective and most reliable and durable products to our clients. We provide the best Bird Netting in Pune and make sure to do the task of bird proofing very smoothly. We give our 100% in providing the best Bird control service in Pune as it is the hub of huge buildings and demands good bird proofing all across. We offer high-quality products and have a large distribution of work among our well-skilled workers.

Our Services


Residential Bird Netting

One of these services includes Residential Bird Netting. Birds causing annoyance in residential areas of Pune is a major concern which we take up in order to eradicate the inconveniences faced by the public.


Society Bird Netting

Nowadays, problems caused by pigeons and other birds are major irritants to residents of almost all major housing and office complexes. This is not just an irritant but also a health hazard. Birds get easy access to get good nesting areas on the windows, pipes, parapets, inside the duct and behind AC units.


Balcony Bird Netting

While birds fluttering and chirping outside the window is pleasant to the senses, when they perch on the windows and crevices on the buildings, the acidic bird droppings and the nests they build are not only disturbing, but also unhygienic. The woes are more complex when the birds end up inside your bedrooms, balcony and kitchen.


  • We Executive Bird Netting Services, were prompted to provide a new convenient product by which we can tackle the problem of birds at the same time either not killing or hurting this bird.

  • No maintenance, no ‘running costs’

  • Repetitive cleaning

  • Health and respiratory problems


Safe & Secure

we are prides itself on esceptional customer service and is committed to its promise to deliver and quality on site. we provide safe & Secure services,


24x7 Support

Offering the most effective maintenance for our merchandise and services as well as replacement or repairing of defective components.


Low Cost

We are providing best quality net low Cost.we offer services of Residential Bird Netting and Industrial Bird Proofing which are highly cost effective.

When it comes to reliability, we are the one you need!


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About Us

Executive Bird Netting Services are a highly famous organization of the industry involved in trading and retailing of Bird Net, Safety Net, White Fabric Net and Fencing Net. .

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